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How Calm turned a "vitamin" into a "pain killer" (and made $300M)

We all know pain can be a huge motivator in purchasing, but what do you do when your prospects aren't feeling the pain? Check out how Calm solved this by turning a vitamin (nice-to-have) into a pain killer (must-have), and earned $300M/yr. Here are 4 ways their landing page manipulates our psychology: 1. Questions: They use questions rather than statements, because questions demand our attention and make us think.

2. Altruistic. Notice, they never mention their own product. Instead they focus on how customers might feel. We feel these emotions more strongly as we read them on the page.

3. Specific: They're meticulously specific, using prospects exact words, never generalizations or hyperbole. Look at this screenshot: For most people, "stress" and "anxiety" basically mean the same thing, but they list both options, because some of us think we have stress, and some of us think we have anxiety.

4. Persistent: They keep asking about the problems to make them salient in our minds. I went through 12 screens before they finally asked for my email address.

Simple Next Step If your product is a vitamin and you need to light a 🔥 to motivate prospects:

  1. Call out their struggles (not your product)

  2. Be hyper-specific

  3. Use their exact words

  4. Ask, don't tell – questions make us think

I hope that's helpful!

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