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How to A/B test a low traffic site?

Even with very little traffic, you can run insightful experiments every week to boost your conversion. In this two-minute post, we'll explain how.

We’re all understand the value of A/B tests but it's tough sometimes, and companies of all sizes have "handcuffs."

  1. Small Company Handcuffs: Early stage startups seldom have enough traffic to get a statistically significant sample size to test quickly.

  2. Big Company Handcuffs: Even with traffic, it’s hard to get engineering support, tech or approvals to test on the site.

However, you can still conduct really valuable experiments, without compromising. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share a few ideas on how to make the most of rapid testing, kicking off the series with a few tips on “five-second testing”

Easily test for readability and comprehension

While A/B tests can tell you which page works better, they can’t tell you why. With a five second test, you show somebody your page for about five seconds (obviously), and then ask: what do they think it means, what they'd expect to get, and any questions they might have.

Sometimes, they can’t even read the headline, let alone the website, because the design is too distracting. Often, they read it but can’t figure out what you’re selling. So, before you roll out a complicated experiment or start A/B testing, conduct a series of five-second tests to optimise your design and headline for readability and comprehension. My angry looking partner Nopadon explains how, step-by-step in this 4-minute video.

A few more tips:

  • If you’re meeting remotely, you can quickly do this over Zoom. Just share your screen, count to five, and then stop sharing. I'll sometimes even run a quick test at the beginning of a call, while we’re waiting for people to join.

  • You can usually do this with “regular people” unless your industry has highly specialised jargon. But even then, it’s often best to avoid jargon all together and use plain English.

  • By the way, this isn't just for landing pages - it also works great for app store listings and paid social ads.

Workshop: Jobs To Be Done for Marketing

But before you test anything, you need a clear understanding of your customers' goals, struggles and anxieties. We recommend starting with "Jobs To Be Done" interviews. And if you need a guide or refresher, join us for our two-part Jobs To Be Done for Marketing training workshop on February 23rd & 25th.

Be on the lookout for lots more testing ideas for handcuffed individuals in the coming weeks.

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