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How to reduce the bounce rate of your website?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Look at your conversion rate. Do you ever wonder “Where are the other 98% of my visitors going?”

First, is your product an impulse buy? (Be honest - if your product is expensive, complex, subscription-based, or involves some emotional or reputation risk… that is not an impulse buy.)

In that case, they may be going to your competitors. Especially if your site asks them to “book a demo,” “buy now” or “free trial.”

My partner Nopadon explains it in this week’s two-minute video. Of course he’ll also tell you what to do instead. 😄


Video Transcription

Hey, guys, do you ever stop and wonder where the other of your traffic is going with B to B sites?

We generally find that the conversion rate is about I'm going to go on to the website. The only call to action that I can find is to get a demo I'm Noped on from startup core strengths, and today I'm going to talk to you about the other of your visitors.

I know your demo is free, but free isn't free. Someone is not going to spend 30 40 minutes on a demo being pitched or sold to unless they're sure that they want.

In fact, in B to B it's just way easier to get cash money from companies than it is to get time from people.

So what are you doing about the visitors who aren't ready to buy? They're not bad prospects; they're just early in that purchase journey.

Think back to one of your last major purchases. Maybe it was a car. Maybe it was some sort of software for your business.

For me. It was a set of headphones. How long did you think about that purchase? What did you research?

What features, did you compare what site did you go on? Who did you speak to? How long did you think about it?

The vast majority of the people who are on your site are in that phase. In that information gathering /requirements phase. They don't want to deal with the pitch.

So what else can you put on your site that will help your prospects make progress and potentially help you get an email address?

We call those lead magnets, and I will speak to you about those in an upcoming video.

If you guys like these videos, please, like also, we create these videos and we send out emails every week.

So if you enjoy these, please subscribe, and you can do that on startup

Thanks very much, we'll see you next week.

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