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Sort your 2024 priorities with these 2 questions

Imagine if everyone in your startup consolidated their 2024 goals into a single list. How long would it be? If it’s longer than 3 items, keep reading.

There’s a pattern in the early days of any great startup — 90% of their growth came from 10% of the things they tried. I call that 10% their “big growth levers.” And, as a startup, your goal is to find your big lever, not just pull the small ones harder.

So how do you know which ideas to deprioritize?

Avoid wasting time on the wrong goals with these 2 questions:

  1. If it works, how big can it be? Look at each idea and ask yourself that question. Don’t worry too much about “chance of success.” The best ideas always seem risky and improbable, until they work.

  2. Where's your rate-limiting step (RLS)? - Every business has a bottleneck that limits their overall growth. Look at each key customer behavior ratio (e.g. conversions, activations, referrals) in your business and ask yourself “Could we double this number? And would that double our growth?” Finding your RLS is harder than it sounds, and it may take a few tries to get it right. But when you do find it, prioritize it above all else. (Hat tip: theory of constraints.)

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

The actual hard part.

It’s hard to pick three things, because what if they’re the wrong three? Imagine wasting 2024 focused on the wrong priorities. Imagine if you could ask an expert? (Like me, for example)

Actually, imagine if you could access 12 world-class growth experts, have them look over your ideas, study your data, observe your team and your operations, and give you honest impartial feedback. Next, imagine those experts helped you uncover, validate and execute the optimal strategy in 2024.

You guessed it… we’re now accepting applications to our Q1 coaching program. You can work directly with me and my team of 12 specialist growth ninjas to find your big growth levers (and pull them!)

Since 2015, we have:

  • Worked with over 200 teams

  • Earned a 97% likely-to-recommend rating from founders

  • Seen 10X to 50X growth off the back of our program.

I hope this helps!

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