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Avoiding the #1 Headline Mistake

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

It’s tempting to describe your product as “fast” or “easy” (because it probably is!) But don’t.

“Fast” and "easy” are vague platitudes that can leave prospects guessing. Plus, they sound like "marketing speak” (Because they are!)

Instead, here's a way to find customers' exact words and talk about their specific struggles and goals.

Instead of the ambiguity of “fast” and “easy,” get very, very specific: What “thing” does your product quickly and easily help people do? (e.g. Get more sales leads? Find a dog walker? Sleep better?) It’s important that you clearly define that thing in your headline. (Remember, a good headline completes the sentence “Now you can…”)

What about “fast” and “easy” makes your product different?

What is your product “fast” and “easy” compared to? How are your customers doing that thing now? Or, if they’re not doing it, what are they afraid of? Once you find your answers, take that specific bad thing and describe it as something your customers can do “without.”

For example, instead of saying “The fast and easy way to find a dog walker” you can say “Find a trusted dog walker without having to try your luck on Nextdoor or Craigslist.” Instead of saying “the fast and easy way to get qualified leads for your sales team” go with “Get qualified leads for your sales team without sending tons of cold emails.”

That’s it. Go back, Ctrl-F, find those ”fasts” and ”easies” and turn them into “now you cans” and “withouts.”

New Workshop - JTBD Interviews for Marketers

If you’re struggling to draft specific headlines that resonate with prospects, it’s probably not your writing ability. But it is probably time for some effective customer interviews. My grumpy looking partner Nopadon is running a two-part Jobs To Be Done for Marketers workshop on Feb 23rd & 25th.

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