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How to increase your landing page conversion rate.

Updated: Jan 10

Guys! Here's a 4-minute video that could help you lower your CPAs by 50% in an afternoon. We use this with all of our teams. If your site is converting below 3%, drop everything and check this out.

This is actually a short clip from our new Finding Language/Market Fit landing-page tutorial, where you can get the paint-by-numbers process we use with companies in our Coaching Programme.


Video Transcript

Hey guys, Here's a little fun fact for you today. Did you know that on average, 90% of your landing page visits bounce? That's 90% of your ad budget done gone burned!

Let that sink in. So what's the bounce rate on your landing page? And you even have a clue about how to fix it? There can be all sorts of reasons for this. It could be slow pages, poor targeting. Maybe it's your pricing.

However, we find the main reason people bounce isn't your price. Isn't your page speed. It's just literally the fact that they can't read can't understand the words on your page and the rub. You've got about 3 to 5 seconds to hook a visitor.

Stick around, and I'll show you how to get your bounce rate down into the single digits. Your conversion up into the double digits in an afternoon, and we'll do it without any fancy software. No designer needed. You don't even need any traffic. I'll show you how to do it with a PowerPoint and a sheet of paper.

I'm Nopadon from Startup Core Strengths. And today I want to talk to you about paper tests. We've got an exercise that we run through with all of our clients and teams. We have teams put up a landing page in about 15

minutes so we can quickly stress test it for comprehension.

We call it a paper test. Here's an example. Have a look at this page and tell me how you think they help you.

Okay, what did you see? What does this product help you do? Accelerate your learning, develop your thinking through online discussion.

No clue.

Alright, Let's try this again. What was that? What do they help you with?

The second iteration should have been a lot more clear to you. So what do you think they help you with? Yeah, it will help you organize, share and take notes on web pages and PDF so you can learn faster. Remember, more things. Get things done. Super clear.

No guessing this variant is ten times better at converting users. We went from 3% conversion to 30%, primarily with copy. Clearly, I've shown you the finished process, but this whole thing started off with just PowerPoint.

So what are we looking for? Show anyone your page for five seconds and then take it away.

Don't tell them you're going to take it away, but show it to them. In the five-second tests, we're checking for two things. Do they read the page or are there too many other distracting elements? Is a text too small? Is it hard to find too? If they read it? Do they understand what it means at all?

Rinse and repeat. Keep iterating the language until you get 90 to

Remember, you can show this to anyone because we aren't trying to gauge if they like it or if they want it only if they understand it.

Okay, so if you want to give this a go. We've put together a free tutorial.

Yes, I said free. If you're interested in putting together a landing page with our paint by numbers, approach a landing page that will convert.

We've put together a free 50-minute video tutorial. You can stop copying other crappy pages. Stop guessing. Stop throwing money at agencies and

copywriters. We'll walk you through how to craft your headline your sub-headline. I'll show you how to talk about your features, and we'll even go into greater depth on these paper tests.

And finally, I'll show you how to find your winning proposition without spending a truckload of money.

Free Marketing Strategy Template PDF

Remember, conversion optimisation is only one tactic. Don't obsess over a local maximum. Zoom out with our Free startup marketing plan template PDF.

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