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How Cazoo made us trust a used car salesman

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

How to build customer trust (hint, it's not Trustpilot)

Why don’t visitors convert? Sometimes it’s price or features. But often it’s just fear.

Buyers simply don't trust anyone in certain categories: E.g. insurance, supplements, lending, healthtech, social networks, crypto. But the absolute dodgiest one is used cars. And the geniuses at Cazoo obviously knew this.

Cazoo offers master-class in anxiety reduction. In this three-minute video, I call out 14 trust-building tactics you can copy, from just two pages of their site.


Sometimes when people are not buying, it has nothing to do with the price or your product features, selection, or competition or any of that stuff. Sometimes it just comes down to fear. And it's not your fault. Some industries are just shrouded in a me asthma of mistrust because of decades of bad behavior.

At the top of that list of industries is used cars now Cazoo, which has come to dominate used car sales in their online market. It's an absolute masterclass in how to call out and address anxieties. Everything on their website is working to unpack really specific anxie. And sort of defang them. So let's just go through their site start.

There's a better way to buy a used car. Well, better than what we know, what like a hundred years of terrible dodgy used car salesman. Okay. And then they got this shiny new truck. We're gonna deliver the car right to you. But specifically, if you're gonna buy a used car, what are you worried about? I'm worried about getting screwed on the price.

I'm worried the car is poor quality. I'm worried. I can't afford. Next thing on here. Great value, high quality cars, flexible finance options. So they know exactly what you're worried about. Okay. Done. What's the next thing you're worried about? What do I do with my current car? Next thing on there, sell or part exchange your car.

Get an offer right now. Okay. More social proof. Trust pilot. Here's what our customers are saying. Finally, look at this. We're halfway down the. We can see some cars for the first time on a car site, halfway down the page. Okay. After that they've got these little like fake awards they've given themselves assured guarantee car care.

What is this quality assured 300 point inspection money back guarantee, plus a 90 day warranty. Right? Again, they're just trying to reassure you. This car is good quality. If not, we will make it. Bit of car buying advice. Some, if you wanna see their SEO strategy, here's all their, their top level terms. And then they close it off with more social proof.

But wait gets even better. If you click through to one of these cars, this is true genius. Okay. So far just looks like a regular used car listing page. You can see photos, whatever imperfections, there's this button here, cuz you know, there's something wrong with this car and you don't wanna wait till you own it to find out.

So if you click that button. They load. And there's like 50 images in here of every single thing that's wrong with this car, little ruler next to it. So you can see how big the scratch is. So they literally call out and show you. Here's exactly what's wrong with this car, such a great way to build trust.

And it just continues all the way down this page. I just wanna show you. When you get here at a Cazoo quality, just the, the level of nuance and detail and their understanding of customer fears. Um, a minimum of three millimeters of tire trends it's been recently serviced or had as government mot checks.

Like these are very specific anxieties they're calling out and addressing, and this is why Cazoo has just done an incredible job of winning everybody's trust, except maybe wall street. So. If you are in an industry that depends on earning people's trust and industry, where there's already a lot of doubt and suspicion understand what your customers are really worried about, call it out and address it directly all over your site.

Just like Cazoo. I really hope this is helpful. Thanks for your time.

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