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How to do Lead Scoring - Getting Your Leads to Raise Their Hand

How do we get leads and prospects to raise their hand? In our first two videos, we talked about how 98% of your visitors are early in the sale cycle and how you could engage them with lead magnets.

This video will walk you through how to differentiate between "interested" leads and "low intent" leads. aka "how to identify prospective customers with content". I'll also walk you through how we do it at Startup Core Strengths, with just a simple excel file!


Video Transcription

Hey, guys, this is our third video in our three-part video series.

Doing more with the traffic that you're currently getting or increasing the conversion rate on your site.

Hopefully, many people have downloaded your lead magnet and remember 98% of these people aren't ready to buy. That's why we're not going to call them!

So how will you know when they're ready to buy? Well, they'll raise their hand in this three-minute video. We'll talk to you about how to get leads to raise their hands, and I'll walk you through how we do it at Startup Core Strengths without any expensive or specialized marketing software.

It's just an excel file!

I'm Nopadon from Startup Core Strengths, and today, I'm going to talk to you about lead scoring.

Okay, so you've created a lead magnet, and you're getting leads.

It's easy. Now, we're going to try to figure out when they're ready to move ahead.

So there are three types of content there's. Top of funnel, middle funnel, and bottom of funnel content. The objective of this point is to give these leads an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the hundreds of leads that you have in your database.

So Let's start simple, top of the funnel. So who's engaging with your emails? Who's downloaded your lead magnet? What else are they consuming? What content on your site would actually signal intent?

So some of that content would be middle of funnel content.

It could be a buyer's guide. Let's say the bottom of the funnel of content might be something like a recorded webinar or webinar.

So with a combination of these two or 3 bits of information, you'll be able to begin separating the interested parties from the onlookers. And honestly, if these people don't become sales-qualified, they're probably looking for a job, or they're a competitor.

So how do we do it at Startup Core Strengths? We take a look at our top of funnel who's engaged with our emails, who's opening? Who's clicking?

I look at the mail chimp. See who's engaged, and then we dump that into

an excel file. So, what content have these guys downloaded? And how much of it have they downloaded?

Then comes our middle funnel content. So who's registered for a webinar, and who's actually attending that webinar? Once we've done that, we filter through thousands of leads down to a few hundred.

So then we'll look at what's their title. Are they a founder? Are they a Head of Growth? We'll do LinkedIn searches, see if they're an ideal

fit for us an ideal customer profile. Once we've done that, then we've paired down the list into a much more manageable list where we can do more bespoke outreach.

So that is lead scoring in a nutshell and getting people to raise their hand.

We put weekly emails that will help your startup grow, and you can subscribe at

Thanks so much for your time.

We'll see you later.

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