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What makes a good lead magnet?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Most B2B sites convert about 2% of visitors. Today, you’ll learn how to capture the other 98% (or at least 30% of them).

In last week’s video, my partner Nopadon told you why “Book a Demo” should not be the only next step on your B2B website - why it’s a huge missed opportunity.

So what should you do in addition to “book a demo” to capture the other 98%?

Hint: It’s not free trial. Instead, offer a “lead magnet.”

Learn how to make your lead magnet irresistible, plus 4 common mistakes to avoid in this weeks video:


Video Transcription

Hey, guys, last week, we talked about where the other 98% of your visitors are going and we established that a vast majority or in that information-gathering phase and just don't want to deal with your pitch!

So, would you spend all of that time and effort to acquire a prospect only to hand them off to someone else? If you aren't leading that discussion, I guarantee someone else's is.

I'm Nopadon from Startup Core Strengths. And today I want to talk to you about what a lead magnet is and 4 Mistakes you can avoid if you decide to use them.

So a lead magnet is nothing more than a gated resource designed to help your prospects make progress with an issue that they're struggling with.

What problem do you solve? Why are they on your website right now? And in exchange for their email you give them some sort of content to help them make progress.

So a lead magnet should be irresistible to the qualified prospect. Like 30% conversion rate irresistible. Our lead magnets at startup core strengths generally convert between 30 to 50% why? Because we understand our visitors, we understand their struggle and we offer them genuinely useful content to help them make progress.

So there are loads of things you can do. You can do ebooks buying guides, resource guides, checklist there's loads, just Google it. But the point is, you have to find something that's appropriate for you let's get to the mistakes,

Mistake one

You are not taking enough time to really understand your prospect struggle put yourself in their shoes.

When you're in that information, gathering phase. What is it that you're trying to do?

What are you trying to understand? What insight are you bringing to the conversation?

It could be something like reframing the problem space or it could be something as simple as a worksheet or Cheat Sheet.

Mistake two

This is not a sales pitch!. They already know where they're downloading this

content from there on your site. This is your chance to earn what we call trusted

advisor status. How would you help a friend in the same situation? This is your chance to show off.

Mistake three

Not thinking about the barriers of consumption, there are things that are easy to

consume like a short video things that are hard to consume like a 50-minute webinar do not start with a 50-minute webinar mistake.


Do not pick up the phone on these people just because they download something doesn't signal. Buyer intent a lot of these people won't become sales qualified leads.

Alright, so the goal at this point, the objective is to get our leads our prospects to raise their hand.

If you're interested in learning about how we can get our leads and prospects to raise their hand.

Leave a comment below and we'll make that video.

We put out short vids email sent every week and you can subscribe at

Thank you so much for your time.

We'll see you later.


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