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How to improve funnel conversion and activation rates

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Happy 2022! I hope all of you are staying safe. Here is a tip from my mate Diego de Jódar. You should give him a shout if you've got activation issues; here is a link.

It's natural when we encounter friction in our funnel to rush to fix those issues. It's how we attempt to resolve the drop off where we encounter problems. This short video discusses how generic marketing pushes will only hide issues and add "noise" to your funnel.

Let me know in the comments what issues/insights you've uncovered and what you did about it?



Hey team. It is amazing. And be back with you. I wanted to share a tip today that I picked up from my buddy Diego. Who's also a coach on our program. He's an absolute savant. And if you're a properly funded startup and you've got a clogged funnel or activation issues, you should get in touch. I'll link below.

We work with lots of teams with conversion rate issues, conventional wisdom, AKA the best practice says you need to patch all of the leaks in your funnel. Optimize, optimize, optimize. So what do we do? We get to work employing every hack, every tactic to optimize. For early stage teams. Our advice is actually to do the opposite.

Don't prematurely optimize until you know why people are dropping out of your funnel. I'm Nopadon from subtle core strengths. And I'm here to tell you that friction is sometimes your friend. So let me explain. So here, we've got a normal funnel to the left. We've got an interested visitor and on the right, we've got a diehard user, as you can see, we've got drop-off at each stage of the funnel.

So here's a common scenario we got a leak. 20% of our signups are dropping out. So our first instinct is what reduce friction. So we shorten the form. What do we do? Send them a timed offer. Here's another goodie. Oh, crap. They've only used this once. So what we nag them, send them a free offer. A trial. No, no, we got churn.

So let's send them a newsletter. Another free offer. You see. You're trying to push people through with generic one size fits all marketing tactics. Have you ever stopped using a product because they didn't subscribe you to a newsletter? Did you ever abandon a sign up for a product you really truly wanted?

Because the format too many fields, these are all guesses, generic, best practices. Discounts might help you in the short term, but is that really the business that you're trying to build? Stop wasting time with these tactics. You can't really fix your funnel until you understand why people are dropping off in the first place.

Your prospects are trying to answer different questions at each stage of their journey. And these initial stages don't ask what you can do to improve the funnel, do ask who got stuck and why until, you know, you're just creating. I user activation journey can be broken down into four stages, exploring, trying habit migration and using you'll have different segments of customers who will find you and try you.

These segments will have similar reasons based on their use case pain or context. Why they're going to give you a try customers waft and have comprehension issues and are trying to figure out different things at different stages. In this journey, you need to speak to customers and map their reasons for dropping.

Here's some common questions that customers have in their heads, uh, at each stage in the exploring stage, it's like, what is this? How is this going to help me in the trying stage? It's how do I get started? How do I use this? Does it work? Like I thought it would. And the habit formation stage it's things like does this tool app software integrated in my life, my work for my other tools or based on my use case, will I actually need this that often using in the using stage?

Cool, congrats. They're habituated. They love your product. Once you figured this out, you'll be able to really optimize your funnel with the right changes to help prospects along their journey. Get it done. If you'd like this video, please consider liking and subscribing my partner. Matt also puts out an awesome email, a quick two minutes per week with a simple, actionable tip.

Just like this. Have an awesome week.

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