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How Cronofy boosted signups 5X by copying a meditation app

How B2B SAAS Cronofy wrote one home page for five personas, and boosted B2B signups by 5X. It's a really effective B2B SAAS landing page example.

They don’t like me saying this, but Cronofy offers a scheduling app that, on the surface, looks a lot like Calendly.

And when they joined our Coaching Programme in May 2022, the header on their home page was “The scheduling platform for business,” which did nothing to differentiate them from their better-known rival.

I suspect most visitors knew what a scheduling platform was, but had no idea why they’d want this new one they’d never heard of. The subhead boasted about their “tools, embeddable components, and APIs,” but did little to clarify the benefit.

However, there was some hope: Cronofy had many happy customers, and incredibly strong retention. We just needed to understand the most loyal customers better so we could find more like them. So, like most startups in our programme, we had them interview recent signups to understand exactly why they preferred this product.

Good news and bad news

The good news: The customer interviews were very helpful, and within 2 weeks, they found five clear strong use cases among their most loyal customers.

The bad news: There were five use cases. How do you write one headline for five use cases?

In a recent email, I warned startups not to “average their headline," but find one specific thing all your customers agree on. For Cronofy, all five customer types were frustrated with one-size-fits-all scheduling tools.

They used their findings to write a headline that focused on this shared struggle: “Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all scheduling.” (Genius, eh? You don’t need to be clever to be effective, but you do need to read your customers' minds.)

That headline was spot-on, and it “looked like food” but they still had to address the five specific use cases. So they copied an approach from the meditation app, Calm, since they also have many use cases (e.g. sleep better, reduce stress, improve focus). Calm’s home page offers a multiple-choice selector where visitors can choose their goal.

Cronofy took the same approach, clearly listing out the use cases, and asking the visitor to pick their favorite. It worked better than anyone expected.

The Results

The business impact of this change has been profound, 5X higher conversion means 80% lower CPA. But that’s just the beginning, the discipline around customer interviews and experimentation is helping us improve our entire customer journey. Once you start operating this way, you never want to go back to randomly guessing.” Adam Bird, Founder & CEO, Cronofy

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