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Features vs. Benefits Examples - the "so what?" test

Ok, I'm not always this grumpy... I just had to go through a tonne of websites for a presentation I'm working on. I'd say about 80% of the sites I came across are doing this. It's particularly pronounced in B2B sites. I offer a simple fix! Just ask yourself so what?


Hey, team for years, marketers have talked about features versus benefits, and what's important to explain the benefit, but what does it actually mean? And how does it look in practice? Here's a simple test. Ask yourself. So what? One of the key mistakes we see time and time again, is we tend to talk about what we do.

And not enough about how we're going to help your prospects make progress. It may seem like a minor point, but you only have a few seconds to create resonance, to find language, market fit and time and time again, we see big lifts and conversions. When you speak to your prospects, exact outcomes in this video, I'll offer a simple tip.

To help you talk less about your product and connect more with your prospects in just minutes. I'm Nopadon from startup course strengths. Let's get into this. Here's a harsh reality. Your prospects don't care about your features.

They're buying the benefit of that feature. What, what that feature enables them to do. Here are some quick examples. Here are two competing products in the same space mix panel and amplitude let's. How amplitude does it funnel analysis by marketing channel, optimizing flows. I guess I need to do that. So what, why do I need to do that?

All right. Funnel analysis will help me figure out where and why do my users are dropping off. Here, they're talking about cohort definition, purpose-built for fast behavioral analysis, blah, blah, blah, blah. All right. Let's see a good example. So what, why do I care about cohort analysis? Yeah, I wanna know which users retain best, dashboards reimagined.

Thank God. Someone reimagined dashboards for me. Turn your dashboards into workflows. Okay. So what, why do I wanna do that? Yeah, know how your metrics are trending, and monitor your KPIs in one place. Don't laugh. A lot of you are doing this. If you're talking about features, there's a simple fix. Just ask yourself.

So what can they do? So what, what will your killer feature allow them to do? What do they struggle with in this specific example? What questions did they struggle with?

So take a look at your site. Really scrutinize your copy and ask yourself. So what, how will your feature allow prospects to achieve their desired outcomes? We put out a weekly email with loads and helpful actionable tips, just like this video. Uh, you can subscribe at

Thanks for your time.

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