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by Matt Lerner

Now Available on Amazon:


(Paperback, eBook & Audible)

Great startups don't waste time on small stuff.

If you study the early days of any great startup, you’ll see that 90% of their growth came from 10% of the stuff they tried. But most needed years of experimentation to find their growth levers. This book aims to shortcut that process.

“This book is AWESOME.”- Bob Moesta, Co-Architect of Jobs to be Done Framework

"What every founder needs to know about growth – read this before you start hiring and spending.” - Sean Ellis, Author, Hacking Growth

“A founder's growth blueprint: clear, concise, essential.” – Gagan Biyani, founder, Udemy, Maven

Generic tactics like paid ads, SEO and referral programs will only get you so far. Growth levers are things like the professional photographs that made tens of thousands of customers trust AirBnb when they otherwise wouldn’t—a crucial move that unlocked explosive growth. They are unique to each startup; they’re seldom obvious. They come from specific unexpected customer insights, and cut across organizational functions.

In this book you’ll get a process to find your startup’s big growth levers:

  • Map your growth model to find points of leverage where you can focus for the greatest impact

  • Uncover your user’s psychology to intercept prospects at their moment of highest need

  • Find language/market fit to explain your value more clearly to customers

  • Run experiments and use data to find the most impactful work

  • Run growth sprints to push the pace and quality of learning and execution

  • Shift the team from perfectionism to a scrappy bold mindset

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The book is available worldwide on Amazon (US|UK|DE|CA|AU|NL|IN) in 3 formats: Paperback, Kindle and Audiobook (read by me). You can also download the first 2 chapters as a PDF here.

About Matt Lerner

With my team at SYSTM, I've helped over 200 startups find their big growth levers. Previously, I was on the early growth team at PayPal, a partner at a Silicon Valley VC fund, and a past guest lecturer at Stanford Business School.

This book shares the framework that we have used to help over 200 seed-stage startups grow as much as 100X. It’s packed with examples and clear, step-by-step instructions.

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