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If I see these 3 words on your site, that’s a huge red flag.

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

So many websites lead with “All-in-One ___.” Not only is this horrible for conversion - it’s often a symptom of a much deeper problem.

(Wait… your customers tell you they love how your product is ‘all-in-one.’ So that’s customer validation right??) Your customers already understand your product; but prospects have to guess: what is this "all"? To your prospects, "all in one" is meaningless. (Never make people think! That’s the #1 conversion killer.)

Instead, talk about the 1-3 specific benefits that matter most to yourprospects. (on your site, in sales meetings, in your ads…)

So what’s the deeper problem?

I think people say ‘all-in-one' because they don’t actually know for sure which features matter most to prospects or they struggle to narrow down the list. Yes, that hurts the website, but also lead gen, sales, product management, PPC performance, retention all suffer… it’s a fundamental problem!

What can you do about it?

Good news - there's a simple technique to uncover what matters most to prospects. My partner Nopadon explains it in this two-minute video:

Today’s Video "Getting to No" - How to find out what really matters to your customers.


Video Transcription

Hey, guys, have you ever heard of that famous negotiation book "Getting To Yes"?

What if I told you? Pushing prospects for no could help you boost conversions, so why would I tell you to push prospects for a No? You need yes to sell, right? So it sounds totally counterintuitive.

Let me tell you a story.

I had a customer once who was in a pitch, and the prospect was giving them nothing, but, yes.

“Yes, this is great... Yes, it would help us do that”... And so I thought of a ridiculous price, and I kept it friendly and asked, “Hey, what if we were to charge you a thousand pounds per seat...

Would you pay for it...What do you think?” They laughed at me and said absolutely not. We wouldn't pay that. I persisted “why not?” They replied “for that price, your software, your service, your product would have to do X Y and Z. We would have to stop using these other two tools. We would have to pull budget from these other places…” that was incredibly valuable to us because what they were doing was highlighting what mattered most to them, their success criteria.

So whether it's a sales presentation landing page, people have a tough time whittling down the features and benefits to focus on. Ultimately, what we're trying to get to is what matters.

Most of the customer I've seen companies list 20 plus features or I've seen copy on landing pages that used the dreaded like "All in One" where they were super vague. It leaves your prospects bored and confused using "No", using this technique can highlight what matters most to clients and prospects.

So don't be afraid to push them for "No" you'll learn what matters to the prospects and that's priceless, right? You can tighten up your sales Scripts update landing pages add copy, emails and it'll make your whole funnel work better, and it all starts with a little No!

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